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Air Gumbo Supports SHV

Lafayette, LA – May 10, 2007

Starting-up airline Air Gumbo is pleasedto announce its support for Shreveport Regional Airport’s recent grant application to the Small Community Air Service Development Program submitted to the U. S. Department of Transportation. The grant of approximately $1/2 million would be used to create and improve airline service by attracting a carrier to offer flights to Western states. Air Gumbo supports Shreveport’s application because it has the potential of becoming the beneficiary of the grant after it files its application to operate as a domestic and international airline with the DOT.

Air Gumbo’s CEO, Ralston Chapagnie, said “Shreveport is an important strategic airport for Air Gumbo”. Even before Katrina, Air Gumbo had established Shreveport Regional Airport as its emergency evacuation station for its main operation in New Orleans.  Air Gumbo also recognized that it could use the larger Bombardier regional jets and transform Shreveport Regional Airport into a mini-hub, adding revenue to the airport in the form of passenger facility charges that would otherwise not be realized.

Shreveport, with a growing robust economy, is lacking easy access by air to the marketplace, and, according to Champagnie, that limits its growth.   “Air Gumbo not only has the potential to offer direct service at a significantly low fare to the marketplace, but also has the potential to stimulate intra-state tourism to Shreveport,” says Champagnie.

According to a recent Boyd Group report, small communities such as Shreveport could face reduction or loss in air service, and only 40% of grant applicants succeed in getting grants like those applied for by Shreveport Regional Airport.

About Air Gumbo - Air Gumbo, Inc., d/b/a Air Gumbo, is a low-cost, low-fare, one-frill airline. With a design-centric culture and experiential branding, the carrier would serve Louisiana directly to destinations within the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central and South America as well as to long-haul operations to Europe and Asia. Its motto is “Louisiana’s culture in the sky” and Air Gumbo’s invited guests would be treated to a Louisiana party. 

Please visit www.airgumbo.com for more information or call Air Gumbo’s Information Center at (337) 781-0034. Email inquiries can be sent the media.relations@AirGumbo.com.

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