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Air Gumbo teams-up with PeopleInk

Air Gumbo is pleasedto announce its strategic alliance with PeopleInk, the people-centric and human resource experts, as the starting-up airline prepares for the tedious task of hiring.  PeopleInk will help develop Air Gumbo’s “People-Recipe” corporate culture.

Air Gumbo has had a steady flow of applicants since aviation consultant The Boyd Group gave Air Gumbo an honorable plug in their Hot Flash weekly newsletter last year.  Most of the applicants Air Gumbo received have been pilots and flight attendants, with some coming from former airlines.

PeopleInk’s founder and president, Ann Rhoades, is a strong advocate for the human side of business.  Her dynamic style and commitment to quality have led her to be the driving force in high performing organizations such as Southwest Airlines, where she served as Vice President of People, and JetBlue Airways, where she served as the Executive Vice President of People.

As a frequent guest to the New Orleans Jazz Festival, PeopleInk’s vice president Delise Crimmins said “I am honored and excited about the opportunity to help Air Gumbo and I hope our involvement might play a small part in the rebuilding of New Orleans.”

Air Gumbo’s CEO, Ralston Champagnie said “I am delighted to have such high caliber professionals helping our company achieve, it is to be hoped, the kind of high performance from our people that translates into enhanced value for our shareholders.’  Air Gumbo believes in creating the right kind of workplace environment that stimulates employee performance, and in treating its workers with the same importance it would give its customers.

About PeopleInk – With a staff having a combined experience of over 75yrs developing people in the workplace, PeopleInk has a successful track record implementing its people-centric model in organizations, from airlines to hotels and banks.   Please visit www.peopleink.com  for more information.

About Air Gumbo - Air Gumbo, Inc., d/b/a Air Gumbo, is a low-cost, low-fare, one-frill airline. With a design-centric culture and experiential branding, the carrier would serve Louisiana directly to destinations within the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Its motto is “Louisiana’s culture in the sky” and Air Gumbo’s invited guests would be treated to a Louisiana party. 

Please visit www.airgumbo.com for more information or call Air Gumbo’s Information Center at (337) 781-0034. Email inquiries can be sent the media.relations@AirGumbo.com.

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